The Bookish Box (January)

Overall Rating: ★★★★

Value: 5 stars

This box, more than others, constantly delivers products (quality and amount) that make this box worth the cost. Also, I appreciate that thay call it like it is. They don’t pretend their box is only $30+ dollars then add ten plus for shipping to justify adding fewer items of poor quality. No, they tell you how much the box is so you know what to expect the value to be, THEN they give you free shipping. 

I also appreciate that this is not just on their boxes, but site wide. No matter what you buy, shipping (at least in the US) is ALWAYS free

The Book: 3 stars

The book this month is Unchosen. This is a new one for me as I have not heard of it before this box. However, the description looks good and I am looking forward to reading it. Eventually. 

So, why 3 stars? I felt there were several other highly anticipated releases for January that could have been a better pick, such as: Tarnished Empire, Lore, Blood Heir, Cast in Firelight, and A Vow So Bold & Deadly to name just a few. Personally, I would have died for a Tarnished Empire box, but that is because I am obsessed with Danielle L. Jensen. 

Lastly, and this is SUPER nitpicky, but I would have liked to see something more special about the book. Yes, it is signed! That I appreciate. The reversible dust jacket, however, is ok-ish. (I’m not a huge fan of the artwork for this one. I would have also like to have seen some sprayed edges or stenciling on the pages OR some foiling. But other than the dust jacket, it falls a little flat. Especially for those of us who are truly in it for the uniqueness of the books that are included in the boxs. 

Usable/likable items: 4 stars

This is to be expected because no box geared for a YA audience is going to fully appeal to a woman in her 30’s . . . at least, not this one. But the Adult book choices don’t typically appeal to me, so there you have it. Now—if the Adult boxes were fantasy I would be ALLLLLL in. But, I digress. 

The true reason for four stars over five knowing I am not the target audience is really the shirt. This is the first one I have received that I truly did not care for. The quote is ok . . . but it is too simple and the color is terrible. When they have so many cute shirts (several of which I own) I have no reason to grab this one off the rack. OH! Except if maybe if I am painting or working outside. That, I can see.

NOTE: This did not have any baring in my box review, however I thought it is worth mentioning that The Bookish Box has the BEST customer service. It is truly outstanding and I would recommend them on that alone!


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To all the books I’ve loved before, this is for you.

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