Serpent & Dove

Yay for Serpent & Dove! I thought this was a great read. Very imaginative and I enjoyed the growth of the relationship between our two main MCs while still developing an interesting story. 

What I LOVED about the book; THE CHARACTERS! (Yes, I totally said that out loud while shaking my hands in the air!) They are fantastic! Literally every single one of them! Even the dillholes of the book are written well. This is one of those rare books where I even loved a secondary character as much as the MC. Trust me, you will love her too. Her name is Coco and she is fantastic!

The unraveling of the story along with the character’s pasts is beautifully done. But be prepared; the story is a bit dark. Not necessarily in an evil way (although *cough* her mom sucks) but the feel to it. Shelby Mahurin takes us into a different world full of witch burnings and corrupt leaders. 

So why four stars and not five. . . and now I feel like a butt. However, it is what it is. First, it did not keep me up at night. I enjoyed the book, but I was not engrossed enough to lose sleep over it. Second, I started to get a little bored. This happens, I get it. But it was just enough to keep me from immediately picking up the second book in the series. However, I WILL finish the series; just gonna will wait till August when Gods & Monsters comes out so I can go from one to the next. 

My only remaining comment, if you are looking for a light and happy read or a romance with a happy ending . . . go read something else. Then when you are in a better place come back and read this. 

Serpent & Dove was written by Shelby Mahurin. Check it out on Goodreads!

Rated: ★★★★


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To all the books I’ve loved before, this is for you.

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