The Librarian Box (January)

Overall Rating: ★★★

I have to say I am beyond torn on this review. So torn I did not even want to write it. I wanted to give it ALL the stars because I love them so much! Their customer service (the owners Dayna and Traci) are fantastic! They are personable and on point. They will answer any email you send, no matter how dumb the question. Trust me; I know. Buuuuut . . . I would be lying if I said I was not a touch (or more) disappointed in the items and value of the box. 

Value: 2 Stars

This box hits my number one pet peeve. Cost vs. value vs. shipping. YES, I know shipping needs to be accounted for. But when I pay $11.50 for shipping, making the cost $51.50, I expect to see a reason for that cost. When compared to competitors, they simply do not stack up in the value department. 

HOWEVER: Something The Librarian Box does that I LOVE and no one else does is their charm bracelet. In order to get this, you have to be a “VIP” which is a monthly subscriber. When you sign up to be a monthly subscriber you will get a charm bracelet with a cat charm in your first box along with a new charm every month in your subscription box. This is such a fun way to thank those who subscribe while adding value! 

The Book: 4 Stars

January’s book was Cast in Firelightand it is beautiful! While there is no embossing on the cover or anything special about the dust jacket, it does have gorgeously hand sprayed edges. They were sprayed gold and shimmer in the light, perfectly matching the book. Stunning! The book came with a signed bookplate as well as a sweet author letter and exclusive interview transcript. (Which are fun additions to any book collection!) I also enjoyed that the recipe was from the author Dana Swift’s family and even featured in the book. The added details really make up the value of the box for me. So much so, if they had a book only box I would be all over that and never skip. 

Usable/likable items: 2 Stars

Why 2 stars? Well, besides the book, of the four items included I did not find the box to have any real value. It did have an enamel pen, which some find collectable—I don’t personally get it. It is pretty though! Second there is a small bag of mulling spice; I found it a weird add on. Third there is an art print. It is pretty, but again, I feel this is a common inclusion in boxes that does not have a lot of true/practical value. Lastly, there was something called the firelight globe . . . while mine did arrive broken that has no bearing on my disappointment. It looks like a halfhearted arts and craft project that was made on a budget. Yes, that sounds harsh but it is the truth. For the money—just no. 

NOTE: They have already gotten back to my email and will include a replacement in the Feb box for the broken item. Again, amazing business women! Cannot fault their dedication and customer service

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