When Wishes Bleed

Well . . . this is going to be the world’s shortest review. 


Go read it!

. . . Did you read it yet? 

No? Need more convincing? Ok, here it goes— 

First, I want to address something I saw in another review that was negative. They used the term “instalove.” I feel like this feels more instant because it is NOT an enemies to lovers story. If you go into it knowing that, you can enjoy it for the very sweet love story that it is. 

I really loved the characters and the world that was created; the story as a whole was simply wonderful. It was a quick and easy read!

At the end of the day it gets five stars because I stayed up till 1am finishing it. I simply could not help myself! Needless to say, the morning was rough! 

When Wishes Bleed  was written by Casey L. Bond. Check it out on Goodreads!

Rated: ★★★★★


Published by Musings of a Madwoman

To all the books I’ve loved before, this is for you.

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