LitJoy Crate (Winter)

Overall Rating: 4

Value: 5

This was my first LitJoy Crate and I have to say is may be my favorite box this month! (Even though they are quarterly, I got mine in February.) It was full of fun items and for the price, I felt it was worth every dime!

The Book:  5 stars

The book is soooooo pretty! 

Artwork inside the cover ✓

Painted edges✓

Signed by the author ✓

I don’t know what else to say, it is lovely! 

Usable/likable items: 3.5 stars

It gets a 3.5 here, and that may be a little harsh; but, it is what it is. My favorite item besides the book is a tie between the chopstick (which is always welcome) and the nail kit. While the nail kit is cheapish, it is still perfect for keeping in my bag or desk at work. So, score there. The spoon rest and candle were nice too. However, most items I will probably sell or give away.

**I bought this box as a one-time purchase to try and loved it so much I ended up subscribing! I recommend this one for sure!!!**


Published by Musings of a Madwoman

To all the books I’ve loved before, this is for you.

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