The Love Hypothesis

Why is it always easier to write a review for a book you don’t really care for, but writing a review for a book that you absolutely love is somehow hard? When I think about what to write for this review my brain simply says “Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.” But that is not helpful, I know. 

So what do I love about it and why?

The Hypothesis: April 2021. I am going to love this book. I am not sure why; I have never read a  contemporary romance before. Maybe I need to give it a shot. 

The Experiment: Wait patiently for the book to come out. While waiting, start reading contemporary romance to get a basis for comparison. (Sample size of 10 books.) Find “The Love Hypothesis” early through BOTM Club. Once book is obtained, devour in hours. 

The Verdict: I LOVE this book because Ali Hazelwood is an absolute literary genius, not just a brilliant neuroscientist! It contains basically everything I love in a good book: smart characters that have a knack for being romantically inept, characters that are NOT teenagers, and all my favorite tropes! 

If I had to nitpick, which I know I don’t but can never help myself; my only hang up is the mention of rom-coms. Not every time, but several of the times that it’s mentioned, it felt reminiscent of when actors “break the 4th wall” by looking directly at the camera. The first time it happened, it brought me out of the story a little. HOWEVER, this being Ali’s debut novel, I put this back on the editors a little for not catching it in edits. 

Simply put, I loved “The Love Hypothesis” and it’s currently tied for the number one spot for favorite book of the year. Ali also make the top five list of authors I wish I could have coffee with. So, go read it already!!!! If you are reading this review before the publication date, September 14, 2021, you can use the below link to get the book for only $5 with BOTM. Do it, you won’t regret it!!

The Love Hypothesis was written by Ali Hazelwood. Check it out on Goodreads!

Rated: ★★★★★


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To all the books I’ve loved before, this is for you.

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