The Bookbinder’s Daughter


Thank you NetGalley, Bookouture, and Bookouture Audio! This book was perfection in every way.

I was approved for the electronic and audio versions of this book and will review them both separately below. However, spoiler alert, THEY ARE BOTH FIVE STARS allllll the way! 

The Book—excuse me while I swoon over the absolutely brilliant writing of this story. The imagery was spot on and the characters were so dynamic I even loved the ones I hated! I could visualize the Ayredale Library so vividly that I thought I was standing among the books myself; able to smell the old leather covers and ancient papers bound between them. 

Their was just enough of a “love” story to keep me interested, as I am an unapologetically hopeless romantic. Yet, there was so much more to this fantasy. I think this book would be perfect for those who love fanciful book that keep you on your toes and for those who like something a bit more general fiction. It totes the line but is not overly supernatural as to turn anyone off. (But I am a fantasy reader, so what do I know?) 

The Audiobook—keep everything you read above then add the most fantastic narrator I have heard since Jim Dale into the mix. Mind blowing is what you get.

I have a long drive to and from work every day and love having audio books to whisk my mind away from the mundane drive. However, I am soooooo picky when it comes to audiobooks. I almost always hate them. Books I would have normally liked get ruined and characters become grating. But, not this time. I loved Charlie Norfolk’s reading so much I am going back just to listen to other books she has read. 

Overall, there is so much to love. Read it, listen to it, or both. But make sure you get it! I can’t wait to order my physical copy just to have it on my bookshelf. I loved it that much!!!

The Bookbinder’s Daughter was written by Jessica Thorne and read by Charlie Norfolk. Check it out on Goodreads!

Rated: ★★★★★


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To all the books I’ve loved before, this is for you.

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