Made in Manhattan

After reading the description I was excited to give this book a shot and even more excited to read it once approved!

Thank you NetGalley, Lauren Layne, and Gallery Books for the chance to read an eARC of Made in Manhattan! 

Violet was a fun MC to follow around. I started off not really caring for her, but as her character grew and developed she became fierce! However, this is one of the rare occasions I would have really liked to have seen the male perspective integrated into the story. 

Cain is a sharp-tongued, rough around the edges, and overall sexy man. He is book boyfriend worthy, but it takes him a little to get there. My one gripe about Cain is the whiplash he gave me. You know the song “Hot n Cold” by Katy Perry… That song was written about these two. As the southern in me wants to say, bless Violet’s heart for putting up with him. 

(Now I am listening to the song, hang on….)

Ok, I’m back. Sorry, it’s catchy and I can’t type and sing at the same time. O_o

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It didn’t keep me up at night with a burning need to finish devouring it, but it was a fun read. Great for someone looking for a sweet story with a little grit in the middle and lots of character growth in between.  

Made in Manhattan was written by Lauren Lane. Check it out on Goodreads!

Rated: ★★★★


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