When Wishes Bleed

Well . . . this is going to be the world’s shortest review.  It’s GREAT! Go read it! . . . Did you read it yet?  No? Need more convincing? Ok, here it goes—  First, I want to address something I saw in another review that was negative. They used the term “instalove.” I feelContinue reading “When Wishes Bleed”

The Queen’s Crown

♕ This review has spoilers! ♕ I am going to apologize in advance for the longwinded explanations that sound like rants on why there needs to be a fourth book… There were a few things that I felt were made important parts of the story that fizzled out a little in my opinion. However, IContinue reading “The Queen’s Crown”

Crown of Moonlight

These books were so good, I did not pause one moment between finishing one and starting the next, which means they are all one story in my head. For me, that is great. For writing separate reviews for all three, that is slightly more problematic. So I will give it my best. However, I amContinue reading “Crown of Moonlight”

Crown of Shadows

**ALERT!!! Before you read this series, make sure you have read the Hall of Blood and Mercy series if you do not want any spoilers! Learn from my mistake!** Now that the PSA is out of the way… YALL THIS BOOK! It was everything I didn’t know I was looking for! I tend to be somewhat stingyContinue reading “Crown of Shadows”