Book Box Reviews

LitJoy Crate (Winter)

Overall Rating: 4 Value: 5 This was my first LitJoy Crate and I have to say is may be my favorite box this month! (Even though they are quarterly, I got mine in February.) It was full of fun items and for the price, I felt it was worth every dime! The Book:  5 stars The…

The Librarian Box (February)

Overall Rating: 3 Value: 3My biggest complaint with the Librarian Box will probably always be value. It is the second most expensive box I get and one of the least (if not the least) valuable ones. HOWEVER, they do have my favorite monthly item if you are a subscriber/VIP. The charm bracelet is an adorable…

Adult Unplugged Book Box (Feb.)

Overall Rating: ★★★ 1/2 Value: 4 Stars I really like this box when it comes to items of use vs cost. Though, I still get a little twitchy when it comes to the amount of shipping cost sense it is not considered part of the value of the box. But, I digress—since this is the…

The Librarian Box (January)

Overall Rating: ★★★ I have to say I am beyond torn on this review. So torn I did not even want to write it. I wanted to give it ALL the stars because I love them so much! Their customer service (the owners Dayna and Traci) are fantastic! They are personable and on point. They…

The Bookish Box (January)

Overall Rating: ★★★★ Value: 5 stars This box, more than others, constantly delivers products (quality and amount) that make this box worth the cost. Also, I appreciate that thay call it like it is. They don’t pretend their box is only $30+ dollars then add ten plus for shipping to justify adding fewer items of…

My Current Subscriptions

The Bookish Box (YA)
The Librarian Box
Fae Crate
Unplugged Book Box (YA & Adult)
Beacon Book Box
Supernatural Book Crate

NOTE: Please note, I pay for all of these boxes with my own hard earned money and do not get anything for free or discounted. (I wish!) All links are purely for your convenience and curiosity! Cheers!

Star Rating Scale

★★★★★ THIS HAD WHAT BOOK?!?! Best use of money ever! Loved everything in it!

★★★★ Loved most of the items, worth the money.

★★★ I liked a few things, but not really for me. may skip the next one.

★★ Well . . . that was simply not worth the money.

★ Canceling! Not for me and definitely not worth the money!

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